Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ryan "Holly" Wood -- Nuff said

This is the other guy who showed up at my office with Hans Ranum ( pictured below ) I was giddy as all get out. Avalanche and FallLine house many of my all time fav artist. So its like Hollywood for me. Its pretty crazy and Ive got soooo many pics I need to post so please bear with me...

Ryan was really cool to me and wasnt phased by my ultra nerdy ways. ( he also didnt call for security which was also pretty happenin.

I followed closely behind him for a lil part of the day. Sneakily so as not to disturb him in his natural environment. An awesome spectacle..( I was not brave enough to ask for an autograph ... but one day )

Please check out his work heeyah :

and the avalanche blog heeeya:

I know I know. Pretty cool huh. Sorry Im so behind with these. Loads more on the way!

(If I post your pic up and you want to put in a lil blurb about how you got in the industry let me know and I will add it later.) Sorry Im all scatter brained )


Ken Chandler said...

Another ultra-talent! Where do you find these guys Mel?

marcobucci said...

so there's the man behind the awesome illustrations!