Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hans Ranum --- Concept Artist / Character Designer

Crazy thing. Two days after I start the new job 2 people come into my office to introduce themselves to me. Hans says to me. " Hey Mel, Im Hans!" and the first thing that comes to my mind is " I know a Hans but hes in florida.." I ask him his last name and its the SAME guy!

Was so crazy to me to finally meet this guy Ive known of digitally for so long and amired like crazy! Ive been a big fan of his work and it was sooooooooo cool to meet him. He was nice enough to put up with my geeky ways and took a pic with me. Blown away Im tellin you. Please check out his work here :
Bask in all its glory!

I would love to pick this guys brain and hope to get a chance to someday soon!

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Ken Chandler said...

So, this is the in-famous Hans. Great to know that he's in the neighborhood. What a talent! Definately check out his portfolio. Amazing stuff there!