Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brian Lefler -- Story Guy / Illustrator

I am so honored to know this guy. A masterful story teller and someone you feel comfortable with the second you meet him. I plan on spendin many a lunches with him so as I can unlock the magic that he posses! He tells great tales and I hope one day he spins one about a happy guy who would bug him so much that he was banned from his office.

Not only is his story abilities freakishly amazing but his illustration prowess is not of this world....seriously. Outer space Im tellin you. If you get a chance to meet him you have become a better person for have doin so.

Please visit Mr Lefler's wonderful Blog:


Bryan Lefler said...

Mel, you are too kind. I was just as excited to meet you as you were me. I shared in that portion of "giddy" with you. Stoked that you're here. Thanks again.

Ken Chandler said...

Bryan's also got a killer brush! Ask him to see some of his paintings-- outstanding!