Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shane Lewis -- Story Guy / Illustrator

If you ever meet Shane make sure you have 5 dollars to pay him to look like he knows you... I only had three so I got the handshake. Like a disney atrraction Im tellin you.

Shane has been a long time inspiration to me and rocks my sox that Im in the same building with him. Was so awesome to meet the guy who every time he posted made me laff with his stories to his illustrations. I love to animate but would like to understand more story. Hopefully ten dollars will get me a smile and a story tellin tip.

"I always liked to draw but never considered it a possible career choice until I was about twenty. Then I started drawing... a lot. I still wasn't a great artist when I graduated from college... and I'm still not great now, but I was good enough, and I lucked into a job.

"I like animating, but I prefer working in story, which is what I've been doing for the last four years. I'm better at helping decide what should happen than I am at making it happen. I love that I have a job doing some of the things I most like to do: drawing, telling stories, laughing, writing, and playing video games... it's a good life."

Freak Shane.. hooka a brutha up!!


S.T. Lewis said...

We look like we're being forced to shake hands at gun point. I was going for "confused" with the expression, but I just look scared. I fear I've failed you. Oh well. Sorry I look like an idiot. Thanks for the kind words. I was more excited to meet you than you were to meet me... You're the best!

Ken Chandler said...

You guys are both killer talents, stop acting so humble.
Love the picture Shane-- looks just like you!

Adrian Ropp said...

Don't be fooled, Mel... I've known Shane for six of years, two and a half of those years I actually worked in the same office as he, and he still gives me that expression every time I meet him for lunch.

And Shane... Now that I know you have three dollars... Pay up!

Love this blog, Mel! Great idea!

marcobucci said...

I love this blog Mel. Hilarious photos!

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Aw man, Mel, this was a great idea for a blog! I just discovered it, so I've got some catchin' up to do on all these people.

Anonymous said...

Always an entertaining read.
Even if I don't comment as much as I should.

Meeting Hans must have been funny.
Blog meets Reality:)

Sabrina M. Williams said...
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