Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sambo Ouk -- Animator

Or "Big Sexy" as I would call him. Since meeting him Ive wanted to be Cambodian..That pretty much sums him up for me.

Ive worked with Sambo at Saffire, Glyphx and Sensory and have enjoyed every second watchin this guy work. Hes a kik ass animator and hot with the lead. Im glad he sent me his bio cause I want people to know that there are minorities out here in utah. I know shocking, but true. Hes been an inspiration to me as he keeps climbing upward and onward. Sometimes he would talk to me and I would blush. Goose bumps I tell ya...

"I first started at Acclaim as QA for Legends of Wrestling and paid my dues until in was given chance to do art for HBO boxing but we all know what happened to Acclaim.

I met my idol Mel at Saffire during Vanhelsing days and have’nt picked up my jaw since Ive seen his work. Working as an animator for great companies as Glyphx, Sandman, Sensory Sweep has been the best job a guy like me could ever hope for. I hope to find some time to start sketching again and posting some of it but who knows….

Remember to always strive to be the best and be humble on the way, life is too short so cherish the day."

What'd I tell you? Warm and fuzzy huh? I got that All the time!!!!!!

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