Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Matt Dibb --- Animator

This was my first meeting with Matt. He took my desk. If I had known they let animators sit over there I wouldve said something....They sectioned me off saying " one day Mel, just be patient.." This guy got it his first day. Am I bitter?;)

I never got the chance to work with Matt but he was a great sport as the whole point of this blog is to "Meet" people and he let me meet him. I know it was a bit weird for someone who you never met before suddenly thrusts a camera in your face and says "Hi, my name is Mel" but like an industry champ he didnt call for security to escort me out. Thanks Matt I hope that I get to meet you again!

"My name is Matt Dibb, I'm from Murray, UT, 26 years old. I just started as an animator for Sensory Sweep and I took Mel's desk. I graduated from the University of Utah in film studies with an emphasis in animation in May 2006.

I had the oppurtunity to be the director of the U's first completed group animated short, "Gold Diggin". I worked for the U of U/Artisan Dream/Baby Jock for about 3 months as an animator for a children's tv show/dvd. Animation rocks and all the art that goes into it is awesome!"

I think my chair is cursed so you may want to swap it with someone...

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Matt said...

Hi, Mel. This is Matt Dibb, I'm the animator that inherited your desk 2 years ago at Sensory Sweep. Anyway, I heard through the grapevine that you graduated from Animation Mentor. I'm thinking of doing it myself and was wondering your thoughts on it. Did you like it? If it's worth it? What was your experience like? Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.