Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Allen Stevenson -- Animator

Allen is one of those guys that makes work enjoyable. Which makes it hard to crack on him...hmm I'll try before I wrap up here.

Allen is a talent pool unto himself. I spent alot of my time talkin animation with him and have become a better person because of it. Hes a modest person who is easy to work with and who you can talk about life in general with. Even though some disassociated themselves with him because of his red hair, I found it appealing in a Ron Weasly sort of way. ( there it is ...not really a crack but amusing to say the least.)I know that I want to work on a project with Allen in the near future and look forward to the day.

"I'm one of those BYU Animation grads (2003), but hold the lofty distinction of not working on any of their award-winning animated shorts. I was missing a few brain cells back then and decided to forego work on the Pet Shop and graduate early. I spent the next three years trying to dig myself out of that hole until September of '06 when I was hired by Sensory Sweep in Utah.

When I'm not getting schooled at foosball, I spend most of my days at The Sweep pretending to know what I'm doing as an animator. I work with some of the coolest people I know and still can't believe they pay me to do what I love. I count myself among one of the lucky ones to know and have worked with Mel, and hope to be able to work alongside you in the future man!"

I hear ya firecracker...I didnt even know of the foosball thing, when did you have time for that?


Andy Conroy said...

dude, Shmallen! Its a shame we cant carry those games of foose on to a new location...maybe now all you upstairs guys will be able to work not havin my twitchy wrists stopping by at 8:15 every morning for a round.

It was a blast!

Heather said...

Great new blog, I'm really excited to read them...Please keep posting, your the best! ;)


ak stevenson said...

Yeah Mel, after you left we suddenly found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands. Mix that with Andy's little known compulsive foosball addiction, and it made for some good times.

All for animation reference of course.

Aaron said...

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