Thursday, April 19, 2007

Manuel S. Rangel -- Artist / Bartender

So that means not only is he extremely talented as a game guy but he can get you lit up like the ass end of the space shuttle!!! ( Good friend to have in this industry...) Manny is a tremendous personality and one of the many heads of the "Heroes" simposium held every tuesday morning... promtly. And yes, he is a minority. In case your counting. ( you shouldnt be, but for those outside of utah , SEE? )

Loved talkin with Manny about anything. ( and thinkin about it now bartenders make the best therapist... You can bill me for that Manny.) Hes a pleasure to hang out with and someone thats rockin to know.

So, graduated from U of U 1995 with a BFA in Painting and Drawing.
Had three artshows in 1996, two solo and one group.
Worked at SingleTrac from 1996 to 2000
Worked at Beyond Games from 2000 to 2003
Currently employed at Sensory Sweep 2005 to present.
Games I've worked on are Jet Moto, Motor Mayhem and Hotwheels Velocity X.
Thats all I gots man."

Like thats so little...sheesh. ;) Thanks Manny!

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