Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Randall Sly -- Animator / Designer

His main alias is " John Denver " Or " Rocky Mountain Randall ". I like to call him friend so we'll go with that for now.

Randall is an awesome animator and he doesnt admit it, but a whiz with the pencil. His designs are always fun and have been inspirational to me. I love his zest for this industry and always keeps his nose to the grindstone. Hes the kinda person that you want to spend your work week with and gab about the latest news or newest animations. Im glad he let me get a quick pic of him...hes very elusive and its rare to get a shot of him in the open. I feel like Steve Irwin....

"Animator / Designer at Sensory Sweep
Graduated from BYU in Animation
Story board artist at the LDS Motion Pictures Studio
My Blog....
Mel and I were friends since kindergarten... LOL"

When pixar comes to get you remember a brutha....

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Andy Conroy said...

That cheeky little Randall Sly....I will miss visiting him and those other cool dudes every 15 minutes....keep Rockin Mates!

This is a fun idea Mel, Like a friend catalog.