Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Peter Anderson -- Animator

Talk about talent. Peter is a savy animator whom I got the pleasure workin at Sensory with. He's such a fun guy with a bright personality that you can only enjoy. Peter is a hard core gamer and is truly devoted to the industry. I know that big things are in his future and I wont hesitate to drop his heard.

"I'm a Character animator at Sensory Sweep, I graduated from BYU last April (2006). I've worked extensively animating characters in Maya. I did a lot of traditional animation and Flash animation at BYU. Lately, I've learned the old-school Pro-Motion animation program for a hand-held minigame I'm doing at work. On the side, I've been putting up drawings on Toon Club (, and writing a book with my wife. We have our first baby due next month (May 25 07). I play video games a lot at home. I enjoy my work a lot, and the people I work with are fantastic :D So sad Mel had to leave us :( "

What are you talkin about Peter. I havent gone any where......Im like Obi Wan ...or Mace but Mace doesnt seem to contact anyone after hes yeah Obi Wan

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Peter said...

Well, it was nice of you to drop in to the studio for a visit yesterday, Mel! I guess I'll survive as long as we get to see you every now and then. And while I'm on here... DON'T FORGET TO POST ON TOON CLUB!... slacker :D