Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Joe Massey --- Art Lord

Joe jacked me of this title....My life was threatened so I gave it up. I got the pleasure of workin with and sitting next to Joe at Sensory Sweep. Joe is an amazing talent and a rockin friend. Hes a multifaceted artist who is always pushin his skills. We spent many a Thurs at the mall doin some sketchin and it was an honor watchin him draw. The most fun thing was givin Mitch a hard time. I will definately miss that. Hes an inspiring individual so make sure you go out and meet him.

"My talent as an artist was simple, a pencil and a piece of paper and I am set. As mentors and teachers saw my abilities I was given the opportunity to expand on the base of talent I had. Now, all these years later I find myself learning more and doing more within the different mediums of artistic expression. From traditional artwork to digital art, from 2D animation to 3D animation and all that is implied within those general titles. Now, I am in the gaming industry, (the outer edge, like the planet Pluto, but still there none the less), I like this industry due to its diversity within its own genre. There are other artistic industries that very much consume me but have eluded me these many years. Anyway, I am an artist and have found my way to this point.

Thanks, Mel, it was nice to see you and to hear from you how you've been doing. I look forward to seeing you adventures through others that I will standing next to on the blog space."

No Joe thank you for letting me have my life in return for the Art Lord Title.

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CJ said...

Joe Massey died on Feb. 17th 2010. RIP Buddy!!!