Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lael Henderson -- Senior Artist

Thats Mr Henderson to me though...Mr Henderson is not only a great artist but my best bud. He has been a rock in my whole career as an artist. I met him first off when I was wet behind the ears and starry eyed wanna-be just joining this crazy world. He let me sit over his shoulder and bug him to days end and for that I dont ever think I will ever be able to thank him enough. Lael ummm I mean Mr. Henderson is now officially a Disney employee and pretty freakin glamorous. I think Im what you would call a hater.....oh well the grass is always greener ;)

Lael is someone you have to meet and talk shop with. Hes a tinkerer by nature and has a plethora of creative talent. Make sure you go visit his blog and tell him hi. He's someone that is flat out awesome to know in this industry and Im proud to say I DO know him. ( Dont let him tell you other wise )

"I graduated from byu in illustration...worked as an in house illustrator doing book covers for a few years right out of college...then started to freelance full time. I did mostly editorial work with a little coporate and advertising illustration mixed in. I had a few bad months and decieded I needed to get a "real job" by chance I ended up at Saffire .

It was a hard transition going from traditional to digital...but the people I worked with were soooo great. Those early years at Saffire were really great! I worked on a lot of fun games...worked on PS1 top gear rally for namco, then PS1 Rouge Spear, Barbarian for PS2 and Xbox then Van Helsing. Then games and other crapp."

Lael has also teached Painter at UVSC and spreads the love everywhere.

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