Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Matt Wood -- Artist / Animator

Matt Wood everyone! --- ( applause )

Was always fun to hear this at work and everyone would applaud. When I first started at Sensory and I heard this and I was like " How do I get this kind of attention? " And " How can I meet this guy? " Im glad I did as he is a rockin person. Matt is a slick 2d animator and gave me loads of wisdom on the subject . He would always came from on high to lend me support in my 2d endeavors. ( Thats like Mount Olympus, his place o residence...dont remember the numerical addy but somewhere in that vicinity.)

"I studied animation and illustration from 2000 to 2004 at the Salt Lake Community College (the calarts of Utah). After graduating with a degree in animation I was pretty much left looking for work. A good friend from college and I decided that we wanted to do our own thing. So in an ambitious move we created Uprising Motion(rip) an independent animation studio.

The studio later joined up with another independent studio called Cuemedia. A little while after joining up with Cuemedia I was hired on at Sensory Sweep. Thus so began my adventures in the video game industry. Eventually Uprising split from Cuemedia and moved to a larger office. We landed a few more projects, but Uprising had to eventually close down which was a sad day indeed. Currently I'm still working as an artist at Sensory Sweep.

some of my stuff

There ya go Mel. I hope that's what you wanted. If it is too long, short or to brief let me know. "

Hey Matt.Im missing the part about how your gonna start a new studio and hook my ass up with a job... Ive got it in writing somewhere...

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