Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ryan Hudson -- Animator

This guy Ive had the honor of workin at TWO places with. ( you would think he learned his lesson the first time....) Ryan is a good friend and blast to work with. Our first meeting was at Glyphx, then later down the road Sensory. Hes got a lot of energy which I tell him he should bottle up and sell. Was fun comin up with word of the days that would offend, which of course I had to tell my wife, who in turned asked me to stop hangin around these type of people. Like "rusty trombone" if you dont know ..dont ask.

"I work as an animator at Sensory Sweep Studios in Salt Lake City. In the past I have worked at Glyphx Games and Sandman Studios. I just recently started a webcomic and I'm in the modeling phase of my own short, having just finished my animatic.

While I am primarily a 3D artist, I am striving to be better with a pencil. Making many visits to Mel's blog for inspiration. In my two short years as an animator I have met so many talented and inspiring artists. Seeing the amazing work of my peers is what drives me to be a better artist myself. This job has also allowed for many new friendships that will last longer than the job itself. My only regret is never attending Mel and Dillon's trampoline sleepover parties. My mom just wouldn't let me go. "

For the record I have these sleep overs for networking purposes only...

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