Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Henry Bawden -- Artist

Oh Henry...where to start..( hey isnt that a candy bar. I guess I could reach down to my sensitive side and say hes sweet, but would you respect me in the mornin..)

I enjoyed workin with Henry loads. Took a while to get him to watch heroes but he got all caught up. His enthusiasm is remarkable and rubs off on you after awhile. ( You would think that would be annoying but its helpful..) Was a pleasure drawing with him on Thursdays for Sketchclub Utah and know I will always stay in touch with him. Hes the kinda person that reminds you how fun all aspects of art is and I dont think I can thank him enough for that.

" I'm just a person that wants to create something that will last. I want to be appreciated and do something that will inspire for generations to come. To that end, I am trying to develop my skills as well as I can.

My education is in traditional figure drawing and painting. My work experience is in modeling and texturing. However, I would like to end up on the concept side of things. On the side I am working on books and animations. So many stories and ideas, but so little time to do them all."

Video game demo reel:

Keep on keepin on Henry!


milo said...

Awesome idea for a blog! It's cool that ur meeting all these people. Can't wait to see who else u meet!! :OP

Clive said...

Mel, you are a genius and hilarious. You are doing something that proves to us all that there is someone on the other side of the monitor!

dintoons said...

wonderful post!!
hope and trust all your creative dreams come true!!
take care mel :o)