Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Earnest Harker -- Pres./Creative Director 8fish

No thats not me next to him. Thats his twin brother. I was behind the cam this time.

This is from my visit to 8fish before I went on my second not so well known trip to Idaho. ( Thats why its not so well known.) These guys were a blast to meet and the work they do is phenominal. Im partial to 2d and the stuff they showed me rocked. Its a fun environment there and the energy these guys have is inspirational. Everyone was extremely friendly as well as talented. If you get a chance, drop by and visit with these guys and tour their fun studio.

"Left college at Utah State University to be a sign painter. Then worked for a T-shirt company as an illustrator designer. Taught me a lot.
My first real professional job in the industry was with Dahlin Smith White Advertising. It was a dream job. I got plenty of work to do for amazing art directors with world class short deadlines. It was a fantastic experience. Started Ernburn Multimedia in October of 1995 as a freelancer.

It was really tough trying to create a business as a freelancer. Clients wanted my work not some guy I was able to get to work for me. Tell ya what, that was a learning experience I'll never miss. Changed the name to 8fish after I had a crew of 8 fantastic people working for me. Now it's a business dream come true. I work with great artists who impress me every day. I finally have my very own custom built building that has everything I ever wanted in a building. I work on challenging and rewarding projects and enjoy every minute of it. Life is great."

I wish my life was great...thanks for rubbin it in there Earnest.

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